Jean-Pierre's Three16

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Jean-Pierre’s Three16 was founded by husband and wife duo who invite guests to the taste of classic French cuisine with a Northwest spin. Though local suppliers and seasonal ingredients, Certified Executive Chef Jean-Pierre and Chef Kerri have cultivated an exclusive menu that goes beyond their reputation. 

Jean-Pierre and Kerri purchased 316 Schmidt Pl. 22 years ago. At the time Jean-Pierre and Kerri had a restaurant in Downtown Olympia, called the Chattery Down; and had been working there 4 years. 

On holiday, while visiting antique stores in the area, they stepped into an antique store called Sisters. They walked into this cute little shop that was an old house transformed as an antique store and cafe. Kerri and Jean-Pierre knew from the moment that they walked in that this was the place they wanted to call home, that this house would be their very own restaurant.

From that day, Jean-Pierre and Kerri worked hard to make this far-off dream of theirs a reality. They sacrificed and dedicated their lives to see opening of the original Jean-Pierre's Garden Room in the summer of 1993.